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CSW Ballot Procedures

All members who do not have valid e-mail addresses listed with ACS will be mailed paper copies of the nomination and election ballots, regardless of whether or not they pay for mailed delivery of The Capital Chemist. If you have a valid e-mail address on file, but still want a paper copy of a ballot sent, contact us at in order to make appropriate arrangements.

Councilor Talking Points

Councilor Talking Points and Summary of Governance Issues and Actions  (Aug 2014) are available as a PDF file.  

Councilor Talking Points (PDF, 195 Kb)   

Nominations for 2016 Officers, Councilors, and Managers

 Call for Nominations for CSW Officers/Councilors/Managers

The annual election of Officers, Councilors, and Managers of the Chemical Society of Washington will be held in November 2016 in accordance with the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Section. All CSW Members are invited and encouraged to submit nominations for the open positions. Self-nomination is acceptable. Elected members have general charge of the business and affairs of the CSW. Managers and Alternate Councilors serve on the Board of Managers and are expected to serve on at least one of the CSW committees.  Councilors also serve on the Board of Managers and along with serving on CSW Committees they are expected to serve on ACS Committees and attend the Councilors Meetings held during the ACS National Meetings.

Nominations should be submitted to the CSW Office no later than Monday, June 20, 2016. Nominations can either be mailed to the CSW office or by e-mail to the CSW administrator with the subject line of "CSW Nomination." All CSW members are eligible for nomination, and CSW welcomes all who are willing to participate, including those who have not previously held positions in CSW. Incumbents are eligible for nomination to the same position (if the term expires) or any other position as Officer, Councilor, or Manager. Please note that all candidates will be provided with a form to fill out to prepare the ballot for publication in the Capital Chemist, on the CSW website and in the materials to be sent out.

The following positions are open for election this year:

3 Councilors and 3 Alternate Councilors serving three-year terms

  • Treasurer (serving a two-year term)
  • President-Elect (one year as President-Elect, one year as President, one year as Past-President)
  • Managers (serving two-year terms)

To nominate yourself or someone else, click HERE to fill out the nomination form.

Current Officers:
President: Dennis Chamot, National Academy of Sciences (ret), President-elect: Jason Schaff, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Past President: Alan Anderson, Bowie State University: Jennifer Tanir, HESI Global Treasurer: Stefanie Wittenberg, US Patent and Trademark Office

Through 2016: Joseph Antonucci, NIST (ret); John Malin, ACS (ret); Jason Schaff, Federal Bureau of Investigation Through 2017: Regina Cody, NASA (ret); Monika Konaklieva, American University; Stefanie Wittenberg, US Patent and Trademark Office Through 2018: Christopher Avery, US Department of Energy; Allison A. Aldridge, US Food and Drug Administration; Kim Morehouse, US Food and Drug Administration

Alternate Councilors:
Through 2016: David Carrillo, Department of Air Force; Richard M Goodman, Richard M Goodman Consulting LLC; Richard Jordan, Dickinson Wright PLLC Through 2017: Chris Hollinsed, University of Maryland; Ajay Mallia, Georgetown University; Bhushan Mandava, Consultant Through 2018: Darryl Boyd, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory; Dennis Chamot, National Academy of Sciences (ret); Matthew Windsor, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

Through 2016: Svetla Baykoucheva, University of Maryland; Greg Brewer, Catholic University; Philip DeShong, University of Maryland; Wesley Farrell, University of Maryland; Joseph Houck, University of Maryland; William Trenkle, Department of Health and Human Services Through 2017: Alan Ehrlich, Stein IP, LLC; Zory Glaser, Johns Hopkins University; Mukes Kapilashrami, University of Maryland; Amol A. Kulkarni, Howard University; Sara Orski, NIST; Nevart Tahmazian, Montgomery College

2016 Ballot (PDF, 931Kb)

Joining National Committees


Alan Ehrlich, CSW Board of Managers, Vice-Chair Council Policy Committee,

ACS has over 40 committees that advise the Board of Directors, the Council, or both on matters that could come before those bodies.  Committee service is a great way to understand ACS’ national machinery, to network with other people interested in ACS governance, and to network with people having shared professional interests.  For example, I am a patent attorney, and I started my trip through ACS governance on the Committee on Patents and Related Matters.

The ACS Secretary sent out links for committee preference forms in April to Councilors, Alternate Councilors, current members of committees, and others who have shown interest in a committee appointment.  The forms are on-line and interactive, give a brief description of each committee, and let you know if you have the minimum qualifications for that committee (for example, some are restricted to Councilors).  If you are interested in receiving the form, please e-mail Cheryl Vockins at  Compensation is available for about $550 per National Meeting for non-Councilors, and more for certain specialized committees.  The forms are due June 9.

If you want more information about specific committees, see their webpages at, click on the governance tab on the second toolbar from the top, then click on the committees link in the middle of the page.  Charters for many of the committees are also listed on pages 50 to 55 of Bulletin 5; the link is just below the committees link.

Web Statistics

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